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Warm olive oil, olive sourdough  12

Confit octopus, sauce vierge  (gf)  20

New Zealand scallops in shell, soy ginger chives  (gf)  27

Northern Thai spicy and sour pork neck sausages  16

Steamed dumplings (4) Prawn and ginger or Scallop, sushi soy 18

Lightly battered zucchini flowers, stuffed with ricotta pine nuts (v) 22

Chicken liver and brandy pate, rustic toasts  18

Pork and veal meatballs, cannellini beans, red sauce, grana padano, olive bread 22

Salt n pepper squid, lemon cheek, aioli (gf)   22

Vegetarian plate: mixed olives, goats cheese, charred vegetables, roasted peppers, capers, micro herbs (v) 18


T Bone 400gr MSA (chargrilled) fries, rocket parmesan salad, red wine  jus  35

Slowly braised beef cheek ragu, pappardelle, grano padano 29

Tasmanian black mussels,bacon, chilli, tomato, white wine, parsley, olive bread   29

 Seafood pasta, prawns, mussels, clams, squid, fish, chilli, white wine, parsley 35  

Oven baked King Reef barramundi fillet, grapes, mint coriander, kiwi fruit, green mango, tomato salsa  (gf) 35

Four cheese ravioli, assiette of mushrooms, truffle oil, parmesam  29

Pumpkin walnut ravioli, roasted pumpkin, wilted spinach, garlic,  parsley, parmesan  (v) 27

Potato gnocchi, wilted spinach, blistered tomatoes, parmesan (V)  27

Soda battered fish n chips (John Dory) garden salad, tartare, lemon 29

Chicken avocado salad, cranberries, walnuts, cous cous, seeded mustard dressing   29

Prawn avocado mango salad, baby cos, cherry tomatoes, mint, red onion, lime wedge   32

Roasted pumpkin beetroot salad, cous cous, mixed leaves,  raisins, pepitas, goats cheese  (gfv)  27

Zebra classic wagyu beef burger, bacon, cheese, onion jam, tomato relish, pesto aioli, fries   24

FRIES 9.00       GREEK SALAD  12.00       GARLIC PARMESAN BREAD  9.50


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