Rosemary, olive and olive oil  bread, with olive oil (v) $12

Salt pepper squid, chilli, lemon, aioli  (gf)  $22
 Marinated mixed olives, chilli, garlic, lemon zest, olive bread (v) $16

Chicken liver and cognac pate, micro herbs, charred bread  $18
Pork and veal meatballs, tomatoes,cannellini beans, parmesan, charred bread  $20
Dumplings; prawn  ginger OR  scallop, soy ginger dipping  $16

 Confit baby octopus, paco de gallo  (gf)  $18

Charcuterie plate:  prosciutto, shaved ham, salami, vintage aged cheddar, marinated olives, charred bread  $39


Grass feed 400g T Bone steak, garlic thyme burnt butter, winter roasted vegetables (gf) $32  

                   Beef brisket and vegetable pie, side shoestring fries $28             Spatchcock, orange, olives, thyme, parsley, cherry tomatoes  $29                   

      Seafood pasta, spaghettini, fish, mussels, clams, scallops, prawns, chilli, riesling  $35                                          

        Four cheese  ravioli, baby spinach, sage butter, parmesan (v) $27    

           Queensland swordish, potato puree, olives, basil, tomatoes  $32

Tempura battered fish and chips,  garden salad, tartare, lemon $32      

Wagyu beef burger, bacon, cheese, tomato relish, rocket, fries  $23

                  Poached chicken salad, cranberries, walnuts, Isreali                                                   cous cous, sumac, grape tomatoes   $27              

Roasted pumpkin salad, beetroot, cous cous, spinach, raisins, pepitas,                           goats cheese (v) $25                                      


Garden salad $9    Sauteed buttered potatoes  $9.50      Fries  $9                 Steamed broccollini, shaved parmesan  $9.50      Garlic bread $6.50

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