Breakfast from 7am     (All guests must scan in before being seated)

  Bread by Luxe; White sourdough, 5 grain, fig and raisin, gluten free, choice of vegemite, peanut butter, jam, honey (v) 7.50

 Toasted granola, oats, almonds, coconut, seeds, yogurt, milk  18.00

Assiette of fresh fruit, nuts, seeds, dessert yogurt (v) 16.90

 Pancakes, blueberries, bananas, maple syrup, pistachio ricotta  16.90

Brekky burger, bacon, fried eggs, onion jam, rocket, tomato relish, aioli 16.90

Huevos Rancheros, fried eggs, tortilla, chorizo, black beans, potato, avocado, spanish onion, jalapeno salsa, sour cream  22

Pea haloumi mint fritters, bacon, wilted spinach, avocado, sumac, tzatziki  20

Free range eggs, any style, sourdough bread, (v) 12.50 add bacon 15.90

Breakfast tortilla, folded eggs, grape tomatoes, avocado, coriander, shallots, homemade chilli sauce, lime  (V)  20

Moroccan eggs on sourdough, fried eggs, hummus, onion, mint leaves, tomato relish, dukkah  18.90

Bruschetta, mushrooms, lentils, garlic, baby spinach, fetta (v) 18.90

Buttered avocado on sourdough, poached eggs, sumac (vgf)  18

Thai Omelette: mushrooms, red peppers, tomato, snake beans, coriander, bean sprouts, fish sauce, lime juice   19 (v)

Benedict: Vege 17.90   Honey Ham 18.90      Bacon  19.90    Smoked Salmon 25

Pea, haloumi, mint fritters, bacon, spinach, avocado, sumac, tzatziki  20

 Big Brekky, choice of eggs, bacon, beans, hash brown, wilted spinach, sausage, mushrooms, roasted tomato, side sourdough   25

SIDES:  extra egg 3.00,   extra Toast  3.75,   roast tomato, hash brown      spinach, beans, haloumi, mushrooms, fetta   4

bacon, avocado 4.50,   smoked salmon 6.50

Muffins, biscotti, slices are available

Fully Licenced from 7am daily…….                   











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